In the structure of Adesa professionalism plays a vital role, each team member has a specific task according to their competencies. The synergy between the different roles and enthusiasm in virtue of the tasks, ensures the accuracy and attention to customer needs, in particular as regards the time of fast service.


Thanks to relationships of trust with its own partners and following many joint venture that have allowed the conclusion of agreements, Adesa is able to offer competitive prices on the market. The goal is to increase the trusty relationships already established and to create new ones also by taking part in trade shows and conventions to guarantee the perfect binomial of quality-price.


The quality offered by Adesa is a TOTAL QUALITY. By this way all the organization is involved to reach the business Mission and Vision.

The target of Adesa is that to offer very high quality products, verifying their conformity to the essential requirements with the apposition of compulsory trademarks. Also, Adesa certifies the quality of all the processes with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification that imposes high level qualitative standards starting from the supervision of the product until to the achievement of the customer’s satisfaction.


In the field where Adesa places itself, in the Age of a continous technological and IT evolution, it becomes of utmost importance to shape own strategy on a perspective of flexibility.

This happens thanks to the ability to understand the change  of the business management that analyzes the targets and the strategy of the arranging related to the needs of the external environment. 


In the business philosophy of Adesa, is important to get full customer’s satisfaction and the creation of a solid relationship to maintain over time.

For this purpose, the team of Adesa, in every setting and level, provides the suitable support both in pre and in post sales.

The customer is helped in all the steps of the project, because the customer has the most important role.


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