Adesa SRL is a company formed by a team of young experts constantly seeking of innovative solutions to guarantee spaces in support of learning and improving of the technological equipments. With the use of appropriate tools is possible to use all the senses, by exploiting the cognitive urges coming from the external environment in accordance with it. The Company addresses public and private authority such as Municipality, Educational Institutes,University,Agencies, Hospital and in general all other authorities performing foundamental functions for the community planning. The Company founds its own task on the principle of “LEARNING BY DOING” that is learning to do a thing by doing it, where the process of the learning becomes itself  the content of the job. The target is to seek the most innovative and near solutions  to the customer needs, in order to supply a “keys in hand” service. Research, Innovation and Flexibility are the most representative features of the Company.

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Via Alberobello, 113/115

70010 Locorotondo (Ba) - Italy

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Tel: +39 080 4316408 / 080 43164081

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